OPA Board of Directors
Election Results
  • Steve Tuttle   2322 (3-year term)
  • Frank Daly    2048 (3-year term)
  • Ted Moroney  1809 (1-year term)
  • Esther Diller   1549 (1-year term)

Captain Thomas Clay Groton, IV - Ocean Pines Maryland
Captain Thomas Clay Groton, IV
Little Blue Heron - Ocean Pines Maryland
Little Blue Heron
Clean Coal - Kemper Plant - Ocean Pines Maryland
Clean Coal - Kemper Plant
Martinak Park Launch Site - Ocean Pines Maryland
Martinak Park Launch Site

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Ocean Pines, Maryland is a planned waterfront community of over 8,000 homes located near the Atlantic Ocean and Bays on Maryland's Eastern Shore. Ocean Pines Maryland is located just a few miles west of Ocean City, Maryland. Ocean Pines offers many community amenities, including golfing, swimming pools nature trails, boating, fishing, community center, library, and more.