Video: OPA Town Meeting(1)
Part 1 of the 2/26/2005 Town Meeting.

  • Dutch Oostveen commented about fees and assessments, and was generally complimentary of board on budget.
  • Mark Venit presented a vision for the future of Ocean Pines with emphasis on some sort of OPA development of the beach property in conjunction with a developer partner. During Venit's 15-minute presentation one extremely rude individual in the audience interrupted by saying quite loudly, "Are you gonna talk forever?" Director Tom Sandusky left shortly after Venit began speaking. He returned later. Venit was still speaking. Sandusky proceeded to gather up some items he had left on the board table, then left for good and grumbling, "I've had enough of this."
  • Dick Nieman voiced complaints about ARC, suggesting it is more interesting in raising revenue than assisting residents.