Video: OPA Town Meeting(2)
Part 2 of the 2/26/2005 Town Meeting.

  • Jack Barnes asked about outside work currently going on at the Swim and Racquet Club.

  • Walt Boge made some comments on the budget, as well as on Mark Venit's proposals.

  • Norm Katz commented on the Venit beach property proposals.

  • Ray Unger commented about the YMCA. His comments were rather negative about the ultimate prospects of the YMCA being built on property presently proposed for site.

  • Walt Boge asked about assessment comparisons with other home owners associations.

  • Heather Cook discussed how OPA might better partner with the county and Atlantic General Hospital. One item mentioned was a volunteer taxi service for elderly needing to visit doctor. This is the idea of AGH's Doctor McGrath.

  • Andrea Barnes commented on Dr. McGrath's taxi service idea.