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OP Vet Memorial Committee

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OP Veterans Memorial

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Sea Chanters

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Vet Memorial - Denny Bowers

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OP Vet Memorial Committee

A group of dedicated Ocean Pines people have come together with the goal of raising funds for a Veterans Memorial to be constructed on the peninsula jutting out into the South Gate pond.

Led by Roseann Bridgman and Sharyn O'Hare they envision a memorial to honor all veterans across the country. Seed money for the ambitious project was left over from the Ocean Pines 35th Anniversary celebration. The group plans to raise funds from individuals and businesses around Ocean Pines and Worcester County.

The memorial will be an approximately 45-foot circular structure with a star in the center. A center 50-foot flag pole will carry the United States flag and the POW flag. Around the circle will be five brick structures dedicated to each of the services - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard. A 40-foot flag pole at each location will carry the flag of each service.  

A fundraiser kickoff will be held on Sunday, August 15, 2004 at Whitehorse Park in conjunction with the appearance of the U.S. Navy Band's Sea Chanters, a 19-voice chorus. The Sea Chanters, under the leadership of Senior Chief Musician Russell J. Rathier and musical director, Chief Musician Keith D. Hinton, appear throughout the United States, and often perform at the White House, Vice President's house and for Washington dignitaries.

O'Hare said, "While this is a free concert, a free-will offering benefiting the OceanPines Veterans Memorial will be much appreciated."

Everyone in Ocean Pines will want to be a part of this patriotic endeavor. Contributions of any amount may be sent to:

Ocean Pines Veterans Memorial Fund
8 Pinehurst Road
Ocean Pines, MD 21811

For information call 410.641.7243.

Committee Members:

Dottie Mumbauer  
Bill Rakow  
Sharyon O'Hare (Co-Chairman)  
Denny Bowers  
Roseann Bridgman (Co-Chairman)  
Jim Coyne  
Nate Pearson  
Tom Cetola  
Bill Killinger  
Andrea Barnes  
Marty Groff  
Grant Helvey  
Dan Stachurski  


Uploaded: 8/10/2004