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The "articles/features" area of allows registered users to upload feature articles of interest to the Ocean Pines Community.

This is available to all users but will also allow members of the OPA Board of Directors or Candidates for the Board to upload items if they choose to do so.

To upload a feature just click on the "articles/features" link over in the left navigation column. Then click on the link to "upload feature."

Note that the text for a feature may be composed in a wordprocessor such as Microsoft Word or Notepad and then copy/paste the text into the feature composition box. Suggested procedure would be to compose in Notepad. If Word is used, then please copy the text from Word, paste into Notepad, then copy/paste from Notepad to the input box for the feature.

You may, of course, compose your message online by typing directly into the form.

We hope to also add features highlighting individuals in the Pines.

Uploaded: 4/24/2004