Video: Organization Meeting
The Ocean Pines Board of Directors held its organization meeting this afternoon to select new officers for the association over the coming year. The officers of the association are now:
  • Dave Stevens - President
  • Marty Clarke - Vice president
  • Jack Collins - Treasurer
  • Pat Renaud - Secretary

All were elected without opposition.

When outgoing OPA president Tom Terry opened the floor initially for nominations for the office of president, Director Bill Cordwell nominated Marty Clarke. Clarke declined the nomination. Cordwell then said, "You're gonna run the show so why not be at the top?" This was an especially snide public comment coming from a man who just moments earlier was espousing the need for comity and cooperation and respect and less political rhetoric on the board.

Jack Collins then nominated Dave Stevens for president. There being no other nominees, Stevens became president and then took the president's chair and conducted the remainder of the meeting.

Marty Clarke nominated Tom Terry for vice-president. Terry respectfully, and perhaps appropriately, declined. Then Sharyn O'Hare declined. Then Bill Cordwell declined. Cordwell then nominated Clarke for VP. Clarke did not decline. Later, however, Terry did accept the position of Parliamentarian when asked to do so by Stevens.

Dave Stevens nominated Pat Renaud as Secretary. Renaud accepted.

Pat Renaud nominated Jack Collins for Treasurer. Collins accepted.

There will be a special board meeting on September 3 at 1 PM in the board room to set the board meeting schedule for the coming year and to address other housekeeping issues with regard to conduct of upcoming regular board meetings.