Video: GM on Pools
Video segments above from video produced by OPA.

On 5/22/2013 General Manager Bob Thompson held a Town Hall meeting. Those attending heard many, many inconsistencies and spin the GM put on any number of issues concerning association members.

One of the GM's responses to a direct question from an association member is troubling.

A member said he had heard the Yacht Club pool was empty of water during Sandy and wanted to know if this was true. Bob Thompson responded that it was not true, adding that he personally had the pool water level topped off just prior to the storm and he could prove it.

What is interesting about the GM's response, and why the response is troubling, is that the GM told the Board of Directors the exact opposite during the board meeting of November 28, 2012.

During the November meeting while the GM was discussing damage to the Yacht Club pool, Director Clarke asked, "There was no water in it?"

Thompson replied, "Correct."

Thompson then went on to say, "I believe it is a hazard to have pools full. I think we're better off dumping the pools. We looked at standards for this (keeping pools filled) before we made the decision to keep our pools drained."

Several individuals who were at the pool area during the storm confirm what Thompson told the board last November -- the Yacht Club pool was drained during the storm. All of our outdoor pools were drained at that period of time. Any basic research indicates pools should be kept filled and that prior to Thompson becoming GM, the OPA pools were kept filled. Now the Beach Club pool is damaged because it was drained during the storm. Thompson is attempting to rewrite history to his own advantage.