Video: OPA Board 6/19/2012

OCEAN PINES ASSOCIATION, INC. BOARD OF DIRECTORS' REGULAR MEETING AGENDA Tuesday, June 19, 2012, 9:00 AM Assateague Room, Community Center


Call to Order - Tom Terry

Pledge of Allegiance - All

Approval of Agenda - Board

Approval of Minutes -  May 22, 2012, Regular Meeting

President's Remarks - Tom Terry

County Commissioner's Report - Judy Boggs

General Manager's Report - Bob Thompson

Public Comments

Media Questions

Old Business

  Discussion: MD Highway Administration input on Route 589 Easement at North Gate - Donnie Drewer, MSHA Engineer for Worcester County.  Moderator:  Tom Terry

  Motion:  Board recommendation that the Maryland State Highway Administration consider installing a four way traffic light at this site on Route 589. - Dan Stachurski

  Motion:  Board approval of a Proxy document drafted by Dave Stevens after meeting with Jim Trummel, Dan Stachurski and Joe Moore for purposes of establishing a quorum to be included in this year's Annual Meeting Notice - Dan Stachurski

  Motion:  To approve the location of, plans for, and construction of the Dog Park - Ray Unger
New Business

Advisory Committee Appointments: Communications  Committee   Ron Fisher, William Straka, Joe Matturro, Don Claget,  Margaret Long and Don LaFond