Video: OPA Board 8-26-2009
Video of special OPA Board of Directors meeting called by president Bill Rakow to discuss goals and objectives, and to set the board's calendar for the coming year. 8/26/2009.

Bill Rakow was elected president of the Ocean Pines Board of Directors at the organizational meeting on August 19. One of his first acts was to call for a special board meeting the following week to discuss goals and objectives for the organization and to set the board calendar for the coming year.

The meeting began with Rakow intentionally taking a seat at the opposite end of the conference room table from that normally occupied by the OPA president. The change in seating arrangement was clearly symbolic in nature, signifying a change in leadership and leadership style. Rakow also asked General Manager Tom Olson to sit next to him, again a symbolic gesture to indicate the close relationship required between the board president and the general manager.

Rakow presents an energetic meeting management style, leaving no doubt he is the chairman of the meetings but also pro-actively seeking input from others on the board and saying he especially wants to hear from board members with views differing from those he may hold on any given issue.

It is apparent Rakow, and the board overall, intends to quite properly concentrate on efforts to rehabilitate OPA's aging infrastructure in an orderly fashion based on a flexible comprehensive plan. Rakow clearly demonstrated his ability to get things done when he and director Marty Clarke teamed up to spearhead replacement of the aging Community Hall. The new facility, well done at a reasonable price tag, is scheduled for a grand opening on September 12.

Aging infrastructure is not the only challenge faced by Rakow and the board. Perhaps more challenging are mounting losses on major OPA business amenities, and Rakow intends to address this issue as well. Another Rakow objective is to improve communication between the board and association members via the board email address of This board of directors is uniquely positioned to set a course for the future of the Ocean Pines community; association member input should be an important ingredient of any vision of the future. Make your views known.

For those who closely follow OPA politics this should be an interesting year.