Video: Town Meetings
At the 3/16/2005 Board of Directors meeting Tom Sandusky introduced a motion to amend OPA Policy Resolution 1-03-37, dealing with Town Meetings. After discussion and minor amendment, the motion passed unanimously.

The impetus for this motion was apparently Sandusky's view that the last Town Meeting was an "embarrassment" for Ocean Pines, presumably because of the very low turnout. He commented that it was an imposition on OPA staff and their families to be present at a Saturday meeting when so few lot owners attended. Sandusky felt low turnout was due to short notice to lot owners and inadequate promotion of the meeting.

Essentially the motion will require OPA staff to actively promote Town Meetings at least 30 days prior to the meeting. It specifies that each Town Meeting shall have a specific topic on an issue deemed of interest or concern to the community, however time would be allocated for association members to comment on any other issue of concern as well.

(Note: The first 30 seconds or so of the video is missing due to changing DVD disk on camera.)