Video: Future 2030
Director Mark Venit's motion for a Ocean Pines 2030 public rountable discussion with various area leaders and developers was rejected by the board at the 12/8/2004 meeting. Venit, Coleburn and Stachurski voted for the idea. Director Cook was opposed and engaged Venit in a lengthy discussion.

Take a look at this video. Somewhat long but it provides a very interesting perspective on where several board members are coming from in regard to a number of issues. Dan Stachurski says OPA will need to get involved in "social issues." Venit and Cook disagree on whether our Comprehensive Plan Committee or some group of outsiders should be consulted about the future of Ocean Pines. Duffy says, "I would hate to ask a developer if we should sell our property." Hooray for Duffy. Carey says nothing. Hooray for Carey. Sandusky accuses Venit of acting childish. Coleburn leaves the room as Venit/Cook/Sandusky discussion heats up.