Video: OP Sewer Expansion 1
Part one of a public hearing held by the Worcester County Commissioners on 12/7/2004 on expanding the Ocean Pines sewage service area to encompass new developments and older septic systems outside Ocean Pines. As a practical matter the hearing was a waste of everyone's time as the commissioners voted immediately to establish the new service area by a 4-3 vote.

The 4-3 vote was exactly the same as virtually every other vote related to the Ocean Pines plant, The four commissioners consistently supporting the service area expansion are Cetola, Church, Purnell, and Gulyas. One thing is very clear after listening the nearly three hours of testimony -- Tom Cetola is the outspoken leader of those who want to bring new developments into the Ocean Pines plant. These four commissioners are so intent on pushing new developments into the Ocean Pines plant that they totally ignored the unanimous vote of the Worcester County Planning Committee and two environment groups and individuals concerned about the admitted unknown costs existing home owners might be forced to pay for hookups.

Looking out for Ocean Pines on this issue are Sonny Bloxom, Judy Boggs, and Virgil Shockley.