Video: Swim/Racquet Marina
General Manager Dave Ferguson presentation on near final plans for the Swim/Racquet Club Marina expansion to accommodate a total of 77 slips. Following Ferguson's presentation the board opened the floor to public comments. Nearly all were negative, with the exception of Bob Abele, Chairman of the Marine Activities Advisory Committee. His committee has suggested the board build the marina.

Abele, while voicing support, provided an excellent reason why it should not be built. Given only an additional 57 or so slips, a waiting list of about 100, and 2400 or so people Abele says would want slips, it makes little sense to spend $500,000 to satisfy 57 people with subsidized slips while covering land around the area with a new parking lot and upsetting many who live in the immediate area.

By way of background, the board previously authorized the expenditure of $25,000 to have design plans completed and submitted for a permit. However, the board says it has not decided whether to build the marina or not. Many cannot understand this reasoning, akin to cart before the horse.

President Dan Stachurski says obtaining a permit must come first so we can know if a marina can be built. The board appears to be of one mind on this. Others suggest the board should have first determined what, if anything, they wanted to build and then proceed with obtaining a permit. If a permit were denied, so be it. If the decision is not to expand the marina, then we would have saved $25,000.