Video: Committee Liaisons
Earlier this year year the OPA Board of Directors eliminated board liaisons to committees. Apparently a number of committees were not happy about the move. Subsequently the board assigned Mark Venit the task of proposing a  motion that would reinstate liaisons under certain conditions. Venit's proposal was submitted at the 11/16/2004 meeting.

A discussion ensued on what was perhaps expected to be unanimous board support. Director Tom Sandusky didn't like the language in Venit's proposal and wanted the motion sent to the By-Laws Committee. That's what eventually happened after some discussion.

One interesting aspect of the board discussion on this issue was some eye and hand-signaling contact, including a thumbs-up, from Director Sandusky to Director Duffy. This was apparently an attempt by Sandusky to see if Duffy would support his motion to send to committee. Duffy did so.