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By Steven Stein

Again the yacht club fails to serve a good meal on the lower level. I have been told that the yacht club has two chefs. One for the every day meals down stairs and a chef for the banquets upstairs. These two chefs serve two very different meals. The upstairs chef is very good. The downstairs chef is very bad. The down stars chef needs to go.

Again no one is listing to me. I have been complaining for a long time about the food. It is not just me. It is my friends and neighbors who refuse to eat at the yacht club because the food is so bad and the prices are not good either. They do go there for a drink or a few drinks but refuse to eat at the yacht club. I find this very discouraging when we the residents of OP have paid to have a very expensive yacht club built and to have to the food be very poor.  We deserve better than this. The GM needs to fire the chef down stairs and get someone else. I will be glad at anytime to tell the chef what we the residents want on the menu not what he wants on the menu.

I know the yacht club could make a lot more money with the improvement of the food. Check this years figures with last and let me know what year was better. Just compare from June of 2014 to October of 2015 and see if the food has dropped off and when. 

Uploaded: 11/8/2015