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Interim Report to the Board of Directors

from the

Major Facilities Planning Task Force

May 18, 2009

 May 18, 2009

TO:                  Ocean Pines Board of Directors

FROM:            Major Facilities Planning Task Force (10 year Plan)


Report to the Board of Directors

I.  Introduction and Purpose

            In accord with the direction of the Ocean Pines Board of Directors, the Major Facilities Planning Task Force was formed to study and assess six major facilities and to propose future uses.  This work is designed as a prelude to the implementation of a series of major facility upgrades and renovations.

            The purpose of this report is to summarize the findings of the Task Force to allow the Board of Directors to determine the long term use for each facility. 

          A.  Task Force Members


·         Tom Olson OPA GM, T/F Chairman

·         Bill Rakow OPA BoD, T/F Coordinator & Operations Director

·         Joe Costello OPA

·         Kerry Nelson OPA

·         Bill Sieg  OP resident/Becker-Morgan Architects and Engineers

·         Pete Gomsak OP resident and OPA Finance Committee member

·         Ted Moroney OP resident and CH Task Force member


          B.  Major Facilities to be addressed

·         Beach Club (BC)

·         Country Club (CC)

·         Yacht Club Complex (YC)

·         Swim & Racket Club and Marina (S&RCM)

·         Tennis Club (TC) dropped due to ongoing work

·         Community Hall (CH) dropped due to ongoing work


          C.  Methodology



            The Task Force toured the facilities, in some cases multiple times, and based upon those visits requested two engineering studies of the foundations of existing structures (Yacht Club and Swim & Racket). In addition, TF members Kerry Nelson and Joe Costello were able to provide valuable historical information regarding the age and condition of major components including but not limited to electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems.  The Task Force reviewed the following documents:

·         Floor Plans for Ocean Pines Golf & Country Club (interior renovations/deck addition) by Becker/Morgan Architects Inc. (dated March 18, 1985)

·         Floor Plans for Ocean Pines Beach Club By Robert Bradford Browne dated November 22, 1968

·         Floor Plans for Ocean Pines Yacht Club By Robert Bradford Browne dated July 11, 1973

·          (Elevator Renovation) by Todd & Associates Inc. dated 1997

·         Community Facilities Review by Design Atlantic Ltd dated August 1, 2004

·         Report on Community Facility Evaluation Study presented by the Comprehensive Plan Committee dated September 30, 2004

·         Ocean Pines Mailing Survey by Zogby International dated June 2008

·         CPC Input for the 10-Year Current Facilities Rehabilitation Plan dated January 2009

·         Ocean Pines Association Major Facility Review/Facility Use Questionnaire for the Yacht Club dated February 2009

·         Soule & Associates, P.C. Ocean Pines Yacht Club Foundation Investigation dated April 7, 2009


II. Summary of Recommendations


A.  Beach Club - The Task Force visited the facility and surrounding property and recommends that there should be no change to the current use of the facility as a beach club operated on a seasonal basis.  We recommend the following:

·         Construct new bath houses on grade

·         Pave parking lot

B.  Yacht Club Complex - The Task Force has visited the facility and surrounding property. The complex includes the Mumford Pool, Yacht Club Pool and the Yacht Club Dining Facility. The Task Force believes that we are missing a captive audience at Mumford Pool and because of that not only missing opportunities to increase food and beverage sales, but missing a golden opportunity to introduce younger members and their families to the YC. We recommend the following:

·         Develop a Yacht Club Master Plan

·         Reconfigure parking lot access and install a walkway to allow expedient travel between the YC dining facility and the pool

·         Create an outside picnic area adjacent to the pool.

·         Review the possibility of installing a direct phone/two way line from the pool to the YC which would allow food to be prepared for pickup.

·         Create YC as year round facility.

a.       First floor family friendly with ability to serve captive crowd at Mumford with hot dogs, hamburgers, ice cream, etc. both sit in and carry out.

b.      Examine possible reconfiguration of the first floor bar to serve both inside and out.

c.       Replace insulation under deck insulation and remove excess debris (old wiring, etc.) as needed.

d.      Reconfigure upstairs bar and dance floor for day to day dining and catering.

e.       Improve ability to serve boaters (expand available dock access/direct phone/intercom, etc.)

f.       Replace decks including improving sight lines to take advantage of views/increase deck dining areas.

g.      Upgrade the front entrance (canopy, etc.).

h.      Replace air handlers and re-duct first and second floors. Redesign and upgrade the heating and cooling units to balance the temperatures between floors and make the most efficient use of energy.

i.        Determine need to replace and upgrade glass, and replace if determined to be cost effective, such work may include:

§         Replace lower windows with wall/insulated panel on first floor.

§         Upgrade windows for energy efficiency where applicable.

j.        Repair and upgrade foundation pilings as needed

·         Replace pump room for Yacht Club pool.

·         Develop options to replace wood decking considering using concrete or composite around pool and up to face of YC deck.

·         Consider eliminating the outside bar to increase outdoor seating to facilitate better crowd management during live performances and accommodate more adults at the pool area during the season. 

·         Reconfigure fencing to allow for maximum utilization of the pool area during hours of operation and maximum outdoor service area during live night activities.

·         Review the third floor space.

            C.  Swim and Racquet Club and Marina


·         Await results of foundation study

·         Develop options to replace wooden decking with concrete or composite.

·         Face lift interior of structure including restrooms.

·         Explore the feasibility of insulating the pool.

·         Evaluate need to upgrade of existing tennis courts by determining level of membership use.   

            D.  Country Club


·         Reconfigure Country Club to better serve the following needs

a.       Upgraded locker rooms meeting all current building codes.

b.      Add small exercise facility which could share locker rooms.

c.       Retain Pro Shop.

d.      Reconfigure Terns Grille facility to provide a bar (20 plus seats) and eating accommodations of 50+/-.  Facility would be used to service golfers and appropriate sized catering events.

§         Reconfigure structure to take advantage of the great views.


III. Specific Structure Findings


A.  Beach Club - In examining the facility the Task Force reports the following specific findings:

·         Other than normal maintenance no additional improvements or upgrades should be undertaken on the second floor for the foreseeable future. The use of the facility for the foreseeable future does not warrant any major capital expense.

·         The main floor has received a new floor and bar upgrade. Other than regular maintenance no other significant work is required.

·         Decks and siding are in relatively good condition and will not need replacement for at least five years unless storm damaged. 

·         The current shower and changing rooms are extremely poor in design, location and security. The current plumbing and sand filter system are inadequate and require extensive manpower and expense to maintain.  Pipes are clogged and inadequate. The space could be used to store all outdoor OPA furniture.

·         Parking is a significant issue at the Beach Club. The current parking is inefficient and depending on the parking skills of the users can significantly impact the number of on site spaces forcing the unnecessary use of the overflow parking.

·         Parking across the street including current use and needs should be examined prior to determining the future plans for the parcel.

B.  Yacht Club Complex - In examining the facility the Task Force reports the following specific findings:

·         Based on the history of the facility and a visual inspection, the GM requested a structural review of the foundation system.  During that review issues with a portion of the foundation and decks were identified.

a.       In the past there was settlement of portions of the YC due to rotting of the pile supports. One entire exterior row of piles and a portion of another have been repaired by cutting off the piles and pouring a concrete cap/grade beam. A visual inspection indicated some rotting of original deck posts and beams has occurred.

b.      The independent engineer’s findings included that a single interior pile needs repairs and the remaining exterior piles will also need repairs, meaning cut and concrete cap.

c.       Upon completion of the remedial work, the engineer stated that after repairs we could expect a thirty year life span of the foundation pile system.

d.      It was determined that nearly all of the insulation under the YC had fallen off and needed replacing.

e.       The engineer noted in preparing his report the existence of rotting support beams for the upper decks and some column rot on portions of those supports

·         As a general point, we note that the columns are on ten foot centers with each column supported on a 12” to 14” pile. Based on the expected pile capacity, it appears that by using grade beams, etc. columns can be adjusted, if required or desired, to open up the floor space and appropriately reconfigure the dining areas.

·         The entire deck system needs to be replaced.

·         The entire building needs to be insulated.

·         The building mechanical systems are not efficient and the air handlers are forty years old, inaccessible and require immediate replacement (currently in budget).

·         The ADA access needs attention.

·         The periodic unknown smell in the entrance way needs to be addressed.

·         The acoustics are poor.

·         The bar layouts on both floors need to be revised.

C.  Swim & Racket Club and Marina (S&RCM)   - In examining the facility the Task Force reports the following specific findings:

·         Based on a visual inspection, the GM requested a structural review of the foundation system.  That review and report are in progress.

·         The decking is old, worn and in need of replacement.

·         The interior of the facility needs a face lift to brighten and upgrade

·         The pool is not insulated.

            D.  Country Club (CC) - In examining the facility the Task Force reports the          following specific findings:

·         With the GM’s plan to move card clubs and other non-golf users to the new Community Hall when it opens, the space unless reconfigured is not currently utilized and expensive to maintain, heat and cool.

·         It is important to have food service, however the location, layout, and ambiance of the current Terns Grille is unacceptable.

·         There appears to a need between golf and catering for a fifty seat facility plus bar.

·         Catering alone does not justify a larger facility.

·         Approaching the facility it does not have street appeal.

·         The current Pro Shop is adequate but located in the basement.

·         The locker rooms are not adequate, not ADA compliant and poorly designed and sized.

·         ADA issues at the entry and ADA access to the lower level also need to be addressed in so much as the current lift only goes to the second floor.  The accessible path from the parking lot is questionable due to the steep grade at entry. 

·         There have been significant leaks from the upstairs bar and possible mold.

·         The current CC only serves a small portion of the population. The community could be served by copying portions of the Parke’s Community Center. This could include having a small unsupervised workout facility which could share the golf locker rooms, a reading/computer area, or an area where exercise/dance/etc. classes could be provided. 

·         The current Country Club has poor views of the golf course and the building in and of itself is not in keeping with a country club look or use.

·         The mechanical systems are old and in need of replacement and upgrading.

Uploaded: 5/24/2009