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Last Gasp
A Commentary by Bob Lassahn

This will be my last gasp at a commentary for the year 2007. Time has flown by quickly and many, many issues have been beat around ad nauseam by those both pro or con on something considered important or even vital to the future well being of Ocean Pines and Worcester County. At times I have put in my two cents worth and offered what I hope has been constructive commentary.

A newly constituted Ocean Pines Board of Directors and a new controlling majority have been seated. Depending on individual points of view this board may be somewhat better or worse than their predecessors. Before they could even warm their chairs the new directors have been bombarded with opinions, complaints and criticisms about issues such as Yacht Club's financial performance, golf losses, the burning issue of slots at Ocean Downs and numerous others. There did not seem to be a "honeymoon period" for the newest directors and certainly not for the three who have continued service into what has been termed "the dawn of a new day for Ocean Pines." Regardless of disagreement on any issue I thank each of these gentlemen for their service to the community.

The Worcester County Commissioners have tackled some controversial issues of their own. Adult entertainment, growth, water and sewer issues and a myriad of other topics have divided residents into the camps of pro and con. Agree with their position or not, they demonstrated great courage when they went on record with a resounding "NO!" on the slots issue. Needless to say not every county resident has been thrilled with every decision. None the less, the commissioners deserve a "well done" for their commitment to doing the best possible job for everyone who lives or visits here.

As we approach the holidays perhaps it is time to step back to smell the pine boughs, savor the Christmas cookies and enjoy the eggnog. For all the warts anyone might perceive about the current state of affairs, Worcester County and Ocean Pines remain one of the best and brightest (check out all those Christmas lights) of all places to live. I personally would not want to take up residence anywhere else (although I do enjoy an occasional junket to Florida during the winter to savor the warmth).

For The Courier it has been a year of change. I assumed duties as managing editor following in the footsteps of Dolores Pike when she moved on to new responsibilities as editor of our sister publication, Gray Shore. To the good fortune of our readers her hand is still on the tiller of a journalistic pursuit benefiting the area. For a tiny lady she left me a big pair of shoes to fill. Sadly, it was also the year when we said farewell to one great gentleman with the passing of Bob Adair. Bob was instrumental in establishing the editorial philosophy of The Courier and served our readers well with his commitment to providing a quality publication. He will be missed by many in the community.

I'm not going to wander into the realm of a critic here. The holidays are a time to greet our fellow man with smiles and good wishes, not the time to dredge up disagreements and controversy. There will be plenty of opportunity for those in the future. Even for the most optimistic individual, there is a certainty that time will come. Differing opinions, priorities and visions will always prevail among mankind.

While I might have taken a poke at someone with a column here and there, I have nothing but respect for my "adversaries" in the court of public opinion. Disagree does not translate to dislike nor disrespect. I hope that feeling is mutual.
This is the time to simply say to everyone with all sincerity, “Happy Holidays."

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Uploaded: 12/19/2007