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Sports Core Pool making progress
By Bob Lassahn

A press release from the Ocean Pines Association (OPA) announcing that Stephen Decatur High School will be utilizing the facility for swim practice triggered curiosity regarding how memberships are coming along. When contacted OPA General Manager Tom Olson related that memberships for the pool still have a way to go, but there is progress with 216 memberships sold to date. Additionally 157 coupon books have been sold for admissions to the pool since Labor Day.

According to Mr. Olson on Thanksgiving weekend the facility saw 265 people come through the door so usage is on the rise. He says that the positive experiences of those using this first new amenity brought on-line for Ocean Pines in forty years will hopefully generate additional memberships. He says the next big push will be to convince those making a New Year's resolution to get in shape that the indoor pool offers a great opportunity for exercise.

The Stephen Decatur swim team has signed a contract paying a flat rate to use the pool for practice over a 15 week period. Additional programs are on-going at the facility, including about 130 Swimmin' Wimmin who use the pool in shifts. Mr. Olson will provide a complete update to the OPA board at their next regular meeting.

According to the latest press release, beginning November 26th, Stephen Decatur High School will utilize the Sports Core Indoor Pool for swim practice Monday through Friday. Specific hours are Monday & Wednesday: 8 - 9:30 p.m. Tuesday/Thursday/Friday: 4 - 5:30 p.m. During these times the pool will remain open with one lap lane and the deep end available for use by patrons. Contact the Recreation & Parks office with any questions at 410-641-7717 ext. 3050.

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Uploaded: 12/5/2007