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Ocean Pines Association

Contingency Plan


Emergency Conditions

Approved by

Board of Directors

July 15, 1989

Revised 2-25-02

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I. Requirement.

The Ocean Pines Association is responsible for providing fire and police protection for its residents around the clock. The general purpose and concern of the Association is to further and promote the welfare of the community and its property owners. Since the Laws of the State of Maryland require that Police Departments maintain an adequate contingency plan to preserve the public peace and to protect residents and their property in the event of a crisis, disaster, riot, catastrophe, or other emergency, it is only proper that Ocean Pines Association, Inc., and its elected officials develop and maintain such a program and be ready to implement same at a moment's notice of any impending disaster. It is vital to such a program that people who will be held responsible for making major decisions know what is expected of them. This includes the President of the Association, the General Manager, the Chief of Police, the Chief of the Fire Department, and the Director of Public Works.

It is also vital that any contingency plan for handling emergency conditions that is approved and adopted by the Board of Directors be completely compatible with the current Emergency Operations Plan for Worcester County which was submitted by the Office of Emergency Services and approved by the Worcester County Commissioners. This document meets said requirement in all aspects.

II. Authority.

The authority for establishing Emergency and Disaster Plans or disaster assistance is found in Federal, State, and County Government laws, orders and resolutions as follows:

A. Federal Government - Presidential Executive Order #11795 dated, July 11, 1974, Public Law #93-288 and #91-606, Disaster Relief Act of 1976 as amended. The Director of the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) is the Presidential Advisor concerning disaster assistance.

B. State Government - Executive Order dated October 24, 1974, the Governor of the State of Maryland in Article 16A, adopted the State of Maryland Disaster Assistance Plan. The Maryland Civil Defense Director is the Governor's advisor concerning emergency or disaster assistance.

C. County Government - By resolution the Worcester County Commissioners have adopted a Disaster Assistance Plan. The Worcester County Director of Emergency Services, or his designee, is the Worcester County Commission President’s Advisor and coordinates assistance operations.

Ocean Pines Association, Inc. officials will be in charge of the internal operations of any contingency plan for emergency conditions within the subdivision during any disaster. All orders to various department heads will come directly from the General Manager, and each department head will have specific duties and responsibilities. However, it is imperative that the Ocean Pines Contingency plan be completely capable of interacting with the County's Emergency Operations Plan. Ocean Pines Officials must be in contact with the County Director of Emergency Services prior to the implementation of their own plan, and remain in contact throughout the emergency. To the above end, the Worcester County Director of Emergency Services has agreed with the General Manager that during Phase 3, a staff member of the Association, to be picked by the General Manager, will immediately respond to the Worcester County Emergency Operations Center and remain there for the duration of the emergency, as direct Liaison between the Director of Emergency Services or his designee, and Ocean Pines General Manager or his designee. The above procedure should greatly reduce the chances of faulty information, premature evacuation orders, or other misunderstandings, which can easily occur during major emergencies.

III. Purpose.

The purpose for establishing a contingency plan for emergency conditions for the community of Ocean Pines that is compatible with the already-existing Worcester County Emergency Operations Plan, is to avoid as much duplication of services as possible, and to preserve the public peace, protect residents and their property and to handle any crisis, disaster, riot, catastrophe, or other local emergency within the Subdivision that affects our residents. It is also important that primary and secondary priorities be established as follows:

· Primary Purpose - the protection of life.

· Secondary Purpose - the protection of property.

The Ocean Pines Association contingency plan for emergency conditions should also assign to key staff members and department heads, individual duties and responsibilities which are essential in assuring the orderly and timely control of community actions required to render prompt assistance to affected members of the community.

For the purposes of this plan, an “emergency” is defined as any contingency, whether by reason of time, scope, complexity or other variable, which has destroyed or threatens to destroy life, or property, or impairs community operations and adversely affects a large number of residents of this community. Such “emergencies” might include, but are not limited to, accidents, snow storms, power or water outages, floods, hurricanes, and fire.

IV. Planning Considerations.

Ocean Pines is a community consisting of approximately 3,500 acres, and containing

approximately 6,841 houses as of Dec. 2001. Population is somewhat seasonal, ranging from around 10,500 year-round to possibly 14,000 during the summer season. The population is steadily increasing, with about 250 new homes being built each year. More and more people are deciding to live in Ocean Pines on a year-round basis

. Much of Ocean Pines property borders on the waterfront, and federal flood insurance maps indicate much of this area is subject to periodic flooding. Evacuation routes – there are only four points of egress from the Pines and unfortunately, all 4 enter Rt. 589, Racetrack Road. We have the Northgate, Southgate, Cathell Road, and the truck route, St. Martin’s Lane to Beauchamp Road. Left on Beauchamp to the traffic light at Rt. 589, Racetrack Road

Once outside Ocean Pines, Route 50 and Route 113 (via Route 589 and Route 90) are immediately accessible. It must be remembered, however, if an evacuation is ordered because of an impending hurricane all of the above escape routes, particularly Routes 50 and 90, may be extremely heavy with traffic attempting to leave Ocean City. With the possibility of over 300,000 people attempting to leave Ocean City during an impending hurricane, in the peak summer season, having a well organized contingency plan for emergency conditions that is compatible with the County's plan becomes imperative.

Evacuation Control. The Ocean Pines Police Department under the direction of its Chief of Police will be directly responsible for the orderly movement of all traffic within the confines of the subdivision during any emergency or disaster. However, once vehicles leave the Pines and begin to utilize Beauchamp Road and Route 589, traffic control becomes the responsibility of the Maryland State Police as directed by the Barracks "V" Commander. Ocean Pines Police will respond and assist the Maryland State Police or the Worcester County Sheriff’s Department on highways located outside the Pines only upon an official request from said agencies.

The Worcester County Emergency Operations Center is manned 24 hours a day and serves as the County's Public Safety Answering Point and Dispatch Center. The E.O.C. can communicate directly with any police base or unit utilizing the Maryland State Police Channel One (1) frequency, and it should be noted that all Ocean Pines Police Department vehicles have this capability.

V. Responsibilities.

A. Ocean Pines Association and Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Department

l. President of the Association

a. Will request that a state of emergency within the Ocean Pines subdivision be declared if it has not been declared County-wide.

b. Will direct the implementation of Ocean Pines Association contingency plan for emergency conditions when necessary.

c. Will assure that the General Manager has the full authority, policy guidance and access to the Board required to carry out his responsibilities under the plan.

d. In the absence of the President of the Association, the Vice President shall assume all the duties of the President.

2. General Manager

a. Will advise the President of the Association when in his opinion a state of emergency may exist.

b. Will serve as the overall coordinator and director of the Ocean Pines Contingency Plan, and will work closely with the Worcester County Director of Emergency Services or his designee during any emergency or disaster.

c. Will activate Ocean Pines contingency plan for emergency conditions and cause responsible staff and department heads to be notified to report for duty, at the direction of the President of the Association.

d. Will designate at Phase 3, the staff member he desires to respond immediately to the Worcester County Emergency Operations Center and act as his liaison for the duration of the emergency.

e. Will provide the overall coordination, direction and management to all personnel and activities or organizations functioning under the plan.

f. Will delegate authority required by subordinates to carry out their official duties and responsibilities.

g. Will direct activities of the Emergency Control Center at the Ocean Pines Community Center, the Administration Building, the Police Department the Fire House depending on where it has been established.

h. Will assure that a line of communication is maintained with the Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Department Fire Chief or his designee.

I. Will refer all press releases, situation reports, status and progress reports or statements he would like to see released to the press, radio and T.V. stations concerning the status of Ocean Pines and its residents to the Public Information Officer appointed by the Director of Emergency Services at the E.O.C.

j. Will perform such other functions as may be assigned to him from time to time during emergency conditions by the Ocean Pines Board of Directors.

k. Will be responsible for locating alternate emergency housing accommodations within the Administration Building, the Community Center, and other amenities. It is imperative that no Ocean Pines resident be instructed to proceed to any of the county operated shelters until they have been officially opened and are fully operational. When county shelters are opened the General Manager will be informed of same by his liaison person at the Emergency Operations Center.

3. Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Department

a. The Fire Chief will assist the General Manager in assessing situation reports and in helping to determine when the General Manager should advise the President of the Association that an emergency situation exists within Ocean Pines. Any such declaration must be with the concurrence of the Director of Emergency Services, and the County Commissioners who have the final authority and responsibility to declare an official state of Emergency and/or order an evacuation.

b. When the President of the Association and the General Manager of Ocean Pines have determined that Ocean Pines’ contingency plan for emergency conditions needs to be implemented, the Fire Chief or his designee will assume command and control of all activities at the site of the emergency (but not at the emergency control center). In the event an evacuation of the Subdivision has been ordered, the Fire Department will have responsibility for notifying all residents of the need to evacuate and in providing assistance in evacuation as required. The Fire Department may call on the Police Department and/or Neighborhood Watch to assist in this work.

c. Will establish a secondary Emergency Control Center, if needed, at the North or Southside fire station, or at the scene of any given emergency.

d. Will maintain constant contact with the General Manager or designee, the Chief of Police or designee, and the Emergency Control Center located within the Pines.

e. Will protect life and property to the extent possible, control and be in charge of the affected area, and when necessary, be responsible for all medical evaluation and evacuation and community safety type services.

f. Will determine a source of medical treatment facilities and personnel, ambulance service and emergency medical supplies and make same available to the community as needed. He will also maintain a list of the sources of such medical assistance and supplies.

g. Will maintain a list and provide assistance to handicapped residents or personnel within the community. He will be assisted in this particular function by the Chief of Police who currently maintains such a list which has been compiled with the aid of the Neighborhood Watch program.

h Acquires, maintains, installs or directs the installation of temporary emergency generators, power and heating equipment or other such supplies/equipment that is essential to the survival of the community and its residents.

I. Coordinates support and services of Community builders and suppliers, outside support from county and state agencies, and assistance from other outside sources which may be available.

j. Prepares, implements and tests the emergency and disaster plan, and emergency hand-held and other firefighting and safety equipment under his control which will be needed for the overall safety of the community and its amenities.

4. Ocean Pines Police Department. The Chief of Police shall be in control of, and responsible for, communications, site perimeter security, general security of the Ocean Pines Subdivision not involved in the immediate emergency, the maintenance of public peace and such other law enforcement duties as may be required.

a. Upon receiving reports of an emergency or disaster will immediately notify the General Manager and the Fire Chief with a recommendation as to whether the situation can be handled by routine staff action or will require emergency plan action.

b. Establishes and maintains communications for the General Manager, the Disaster Control Center and the community through telephone, radio, CB's, PA or other means.

NOTE: In the event Choptank power fails, two (2) generators are in place at the Police Department which have the capability to operate both the repeater and the Police station itself on emergency power for an indefinite period. Both generators are tested weekly and kept fully gassed for immediate emergency operation.

d. Maintains a system to use the Neighborhood Watch to receive or distribute information in an emergency to residents and individuals in every section of Ocean Pines.

e. Directs and controls the activities of the Neighborhood Watch, through the head of that organization or his designee when such an organization is available.

f. Maintains a list of telephone numbers of sources which can provide back-up or emergency supplies and services to residents.

g. Devises an alternate communication net to replace telephones when they are not available and assures that the Police Department, Disaster Control Center and alternate support sites are cleared of personnel not directly engaged or needed in the operation of the particular support site.

h. Assists the Fire Department at the emergency site in any actions requested to protect life and property and to bring the emergency situation within the affected area under control.

I. Provides traffic control within the affected area; designates specific zones within the area in which the occupancy and use of building or vehicles must be controlled; controls the movements of persons or vehicles into, within or from these designated areas.

j. Quells any tumultuous conduct which leads to the commission of unlawful acts, disturbs the public peace or tends to precipitate the unlawful destruction or damage of community or private property.

k. With the Fire Department and designated outside services, provides major catastrophe service when directed by the General Manager based upon the seriousness of the situation facing the community.

l. Provides security for the subdivision of Ocean Pines and the emergency site, maintains the public peace and provides law enforcement as required by the situation.

m. Controls places of amusement, recreation, and the assembly of persons on community roadways. Restricts the use or transportation of arms, ammunition, and explosives which are in violation of existing law, and deemed dangerous to community safety.

n. Confines persons arrested for the commission of illegal acts during or as an outgrowth of the crisis.

o. Coordinates all outside security and law enforcement support and assists the Fire Department in any actual evacuation of residents which may become necessary.

5. Maintenance Department.

a. Assists the Fire Department in handling the amenities and performing duties as required at the emergency site.

6. Clubs Manager.

a. Assist the Fire Department by coordinating the support and utilization of their facilities, food and supplies for the community.

7. All Organizations under the Plan.

a. Maintain an up-to-date pyramid system for notifying and communicating with key personnel under their control,

supervision or direction and maintain an up-to-date

procedure for carrying out their responsibilities under the


8. Residents of Ocean Pines.

a. Should have a battery operated radio and where possible, a CB radio for back-up communications when the telephone or power is out; keep on hand, kerosene lamps, heaters, alternate cooking facilities, candles, blankets, comforters or sleeping bags and enough water, food and fuel for several days.

B. Support Organizations.

1. Choptank Electric Cooperative.

a. Restores if necessary and maintains electric power to the subdivision.

2. Worcester County Sanitary Commission.

a Maintains and repairs the sanitary sewer system during emergencies.

3. C&P Telephone Company.

a. Restores, if necessary, and maintains telephone service.

4. Worcester County Health Department.

a. May order an evacuation of any area in Worcester County due to unsafe environmental conditions and will coordinate all medical and health activities within the Ocean Pines subdivision.

5. United States Coast Guard.

a. Assists in conducting search and rescue operations.

b. Assists in medical evacuation of the injured by helicopter.

6. American National Red Cross.

a. Provides communications with E.O.C.

b. Provides training for shelter managers and staff.

c. Provide compensation for operation of shelters.

d. Provide necessary forms for shelter operation.

e. Provide post-disaster assistance as needed.

7. Maryland National Guard.

a. At direction by the Governor, the National Guard may assist the County and Ocean Pines.

b. Assists in the warning and, if necessary, any evacuation that may occur.

c. Assists in Search and Rescue operations by providing manpower and equipment.

8. Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

a. Assists in search and rescue operations by providing manpower and equipment.

9. Civil Defense.

a. In any emergency situation constant contact will be maintained with the Civil Defense Director. Any requests for county, state or federal assistance must be made through the Civil Defense Network in compliance with the Maryland Disaster Assistance Plan.

VI. Potential Hazard - Hurricane.

A. Hurricane Defined.

A hurricane is defined as a tropical cyclone with sustained winds of 74 miles per hour or greater.

B. Hurricane Watch.

A hurricane watch is issued by the National Weather Service when there is a threat of a hurricane within 24-36 hours.

1. When a hurricane watch has been issued, monitoring of the storm will begin by the General Manager, the Fire Chief, the Chief of Police and other members of staff as requested by the General Manager.

2 All staff members whose duties were outlined earlier in the "Responsibilities" section of the Plan will be kept appraised of the storm's progress.

A "Hurricane Tracking Map" is included as an attachment to assist in monitoring the storm's position.

3. All emergency equipment should be placed on stand-by and checked for operational readiness.

4. Yellow warning flags will be flown by the Fire Department from the North & South Gate flagpoles to help inform residents and to emphasize that this is a period of caution and active preparedness.

C. Hurricane Warning.

A hurricane warning is issued by the National Weather Service when hurricane conditions are expected to strike the affected area within 24 hours. Hurricane conditions include sustained winds of 74 mph or greater or dangerously high tides and waves. Storm surge, which is an abnormal rise in the sea level, also accompanies hurricanes.

l. When a hurricane warning has been issued by the National Weather Service the Disaster Control Center will be opened and staffed as necessary.

2. The Disaster Control Center will keep appropriate local officials (Civil Defense Director, Maryland State Police, etc.) updated on actual storm conditions within Ocean Pines.

3. Red warning flags will be flown by the Fire Department from the flag poles at the North & South Gates to warn residents of the imminent danger requiring an emergency response.

D. Evacuation Procedures.

1. Authority to Evacuate. The actual authority to order an evacuation of Ocean Pines may only be given by:

a. The County Commissioners acting as a Board.

b. The Governor of the State of Maryland.

c. A representative of the Worcester County Health Department (due to unsafe environmental conditions).

d. The Fire Chief (due to hazardous materials or other acute hazardous environmental conditions).

1. Four Phases of Readiness. The four phases of increased readiness will occur in the following manner:

a. Phase 4: Advanced Readiness - (Could include Hurricane or Severe Storm Watch or Warning with prediction of landfall within 48 hours)

b. Phase 3: Partially activate E.O.C. (Could be 36 hours prior to landfall) Alert E.O.C. personnel Check all equipment in E.O.C.

c. Phase 2: Fully activate E.O.C. (Could be 24 hours prior to landfall)

All Key personnel defined in “Staff Responsibilities” in E.O.C. Open

Shelters. Have transportation equipment ready.

d. Phase 1: All departments and personnel in full emergency operations. Monitor shelters. Monitor damage.

2. Notifying Residents. Ocean Pines residents will be advised of the evacuation phases via bulletins aired on local radio and television stations provided they are still operational. Radio stations to be contacted include WSBY (960 AM), WETT (1600 AM), WWTR (96 FM), WKHI (100 FM), OCEAN CITY 104 (104 FM), and WQHQ (105 FM). TV stations to be contacted should include WBOC (Channel 16), and WMDT (Channel 47). Telephone numbers for these stations can be found in the final section of this plan.

E. Evacuation Routes.

1. The Ocean Pines Police Department, in coordination with the Worcester County Sheriff’s Department and the Maryland State Police, will direct traffic as needed during evacuation efforts.

2 Effective 8-18-95, in the event of a total evacuation, Ocean Pines residents will be directed to travel Route 589 from the North and South Gates, southbound to Route 50. Once at Route 50, all traffic will be required to merge with westbound traffic on Route 50 which will take them directly past the County-operated shelter at Stephen Decatur High School. There will be no access to Route 90 from Route 589. Unless restricted by a police officer, vehicles leaving the Pines by both the North and South Gates will also be allowed to proceed north along Route 589 to Route 113.

3. Should traffic backups occur on Route 113, then, if deemed necessary by the Maryland State Police, residents may be diverted to Route 50 via Route 589 and Route 90. Should conditions warrant, the Police Department may direct traffic to Route 589 via Beauchamp Road and St. Martin’s Lane from Ocean Parkway.

4. During a total evacuation, traffic at all four exits may be limited to one-way, with exceptions made only for extraordinary cases.

5. Within Ocean Pines, OPPD officers will direct traffic at major intersections, including, but not limited to, the intersections of Ocean Parkway and Sandyhook Road, Moby Dick Drive, Customs Way and Manklin Creek Road. The proposed locations for traffic control and recommended traffic flow patterns are displayed on maps at the end of this plan.

6. Once an evacuation has been ordered, no residents will be permitted to re-enter except for extraordinary reasons. Controlled re-entry will be maintained until it has been determined that a state of emergency no longer exists.

VII. Potential Manmade Hazards

A. Chemical Spills/Radioactive Materials.

1. In the event of chemical spills or suspected radioactive materials, the OPVFD will be immediately notified.

2. Determine type of chemical involved if possible.

3. Police Department will secure area by at least 1,500 foot radius.

4. Notify Chemtrac.

5. Notify DNR water resources, etc., as required.

6. Notify Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

7. If atomic weapons are suspected, contact you. S. Army, Fort Meade on 1-301-667-7116.

B. Aircraft Disaster - Individual responsibilities are those outlined in the "Responsibilities" section of this Plan. Special considerations are as follows:

l. On-site procedures.

a. Notify appropriate emergency services and remove the survivors and injured. If possible, record their locations.

b. Do not remove fatalities unless necessary. Note their location before removal.

c. Determine, if immediately available, the following before notifying the authorities: (Federal Aviation Administration).

1. Make and model of aircraft.

2. Any identification numbers on the aircraft.

3. Name of pilot.

4. Number of passengers and their medical condition.

2. Military Aircraft

a. Dover Air Force Base (phone 302-678-6101) should be notified immediately in the event of a military aircraft accident. Personnel from the Air Force will respond to the emergency; in the meantime, the "On-site Procedure" outlined above should be followed.

3. Non-Military Aircraft

a. The Maryland State Police (phone 301-486-3101) and Federal Aviation Administration (phone 301-859-5780) should be notified immediately in the event of a non-military aircraft accident. Again, the "On-Site Procedures" outlines above should be followed until their arrival.

Support Personnel and Telephone Numbers

County Commissioners Court House, Snow Hill, MD Telephone: 632-1194

Home Numbers:

641-0576 James Purnell Berlin, MD

957-0132 John (Sonny) Bloxom Pocomoke City MD

632-0981 Virgil Shockley Snow Hill MD

289-9915 Louise Gulyas Ocean City MD

641-6158 Judy Boggs Ocean Pines MD

641-6315 Tom Cetola Ocean Pines MD

524-7888 Bud Church Ocean City MD

Officials of Worcester County

County Administrative Director

Gerald Mason Room l278

Court House

Snow Hill, MD




Edward Hammond 3509 Coastal Highway

Ocean City, MD

289-3553 - Office

641-0773 - Home

Members of the General Assembly

State Senate

J. Lowell Stoltzfus P.O. Box 67

Rehobeth MD 21857

House of Delegates

Bennett Bozman Berlin MD


House of Representatives

Wayne Gilchrest Salisbury Office


Deputy Health Officer

Debbie Goeller P.O. Box 249

Snow Hill, MD

632-1100 - Office

Civil Defense Director

Theresa Owens Court House

Snow Hill, MD

632-1315 - Office

352-5166 - Home

Maryland State Police

Berlin Barracks 641-3101

Worcester County Sheriff Department

Charles Martin 632-1111

Medical Resources

Atlantic General Hospital 641-1100

9733 Health Way Drive

Berlin MD 21811

PGH Medical Center 546-6400

100 E. Carroll Street

Salisbury, MD

93rd Street Medical Ctr. 524-9300

9300 Coastal Highway

Ocean City MD 21842

Tenth Street Med Center 289-6241

Tenth St. & Phila. Ave.

Ocean City, MD

Radio Stations The Following Radio Stations

are listed as primary alert stations

WETT (1600 AM) 289-4545 WBEY 96.9 FM

Ocean City, MD

WSBY (960 AM) 742-5191 WCEM 106.3 FM

Salisbury, MD

WKHI (95.9 FM) 723-6505 WCEI 96.7FM

Ocean City, MD

99.9 Froggie 289-3456 WOLC 102.5 FM

Ocean City MD

OC104 (l04 FM) 641-0001 WDMV 450 AM

Whaleysville, MD

WQHQ (104.7 FM) 289-4311 WSCI 89.5 FM

Ocean City, MD TV Stations WLOW 105.5 FM

WBOC (Channel 16) 749-1111 WQJZ 97.1 FM

Salisbury, MD

WMDT (Channel 47 742-4747

Salisbury, MD

Radio Frequencies Monitored by Ocean Pines Units:

Ocean Pines Volunteer Fire Department:

County Channel 1 - 46.38

County Channel 2 - 46.44

OPVFD Private - 46.34

OPVFD Private - 46.36

Ocean Pines Police Department – Operates on Ocean City’s 800 Megahertz

Channels 1 through 14

OPA Public Works

Primary - 462.025

Secondary - 467.025

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[1] Revised on 9/7/95

Uploaded: 3/25/2006