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OPAC 2005 Picnic
Photos by Jack Barnes

It was a beautiful day at Whitehorse Park as the Ocean Pines Anglers Club gathered for their annual picnic.

Until the casting contest when premiere OP Angler Art Sachs stepped up with rod and reel to show his stuff

Not used to seeing mighty oaks out in the bay Art deftly cast his 2 ounces of lead and suddenly found himself looking up at what was not coming down!

Feeling that fishing 30 feet above the ground was not a dignified sport for a Board member of the organization Art handed off to Marine Activities Committee member Bob Abele.

Bob quickly enlisted the able assistance of Bill Frist and Picnic Committee Chairman Bud Heim who has had experience with flying fish in the past.

Bud Heim suddenly realizes that Art Sachs has been fooled all along and there is actually a fish online!

Bill Haag and other Anglers at the picnic hear the fish are running and begin to bait up for the action.

Meanwhile the other Anglers at the picnic, not wanting to miss the action, begin their pre fishing ritual by exchanging water in small rubber tubes.

Meanwhile, sensing the moment and using the casting contest as a diversion, Julie Kolanowski quickly enters and wins the seashell identification contest. She is shown here, somewhat proudly, displaying her "Top of the Dollar Store" award.

Not too pleased with Julies opportunistic maneuver Charlie Herpen and John McFalls diccuss the possibility of eliminating all women from next years picnic!

Walt Boge, however, quickly calls a picnic cooler conference and nixes the whole idea. The girls stay, even if they win a contest. Could it have something to do with the great ordeuves they brought to the picnic?

Picnic Chairman Bud Heim, also seen here stumping for Yuengling Lager, senses potential discord in the group and quickly calls for order.

Bill Haag, following the diversion strategy of Kolanowski, and sensing that the demoralized Sachs is vulnerable quickly makes his cast to within 2 feet of the target, wins the contest and proudly shows off the winners trophy.

Jack Barnes, meanwhile, who was hardly noticed winning the Ocean Pines trivia contest with all the diversions taking place, is consoled by Walt Boge who convinces Jack that his Dollar Store award is every bit as good if not better than Julies.

Uploaded: 6/19/2005